How The God’s Chill.

Let’s just get this out the way now, I love Cold World and Sean Price (RIP) so much, so If you don’t want to read about me saying how good this is, leave now.

It’s 2011 everyone is impatiently waiting for the new Cold World LP to drop which won’t actually happen for another 3 years in 2014, who cares we all love CW too much to care were just happy they’re playing shows again. Then (if I remember correctly) out of no where this drops! One of the best things to happen to hardcore in years! And it’s a collaboration with one of Hip – Hop’s most underrated Sean fucking Price! Like what?!?!?!

I would love to know how this happened and all the details in between. We all know CW have always brought a little something else to table with all the Hip – Hop influences and samples scattered throughout their music. We have the genius that is Wojavelli (Nick Woj) to thank for this, he makes it work and makes it good! It’s already cool enough that the track happened but they filmed a video too! I bet it was such a cool show to go to. I wonder if Sean P even knew what Hardcore was until this happened, then turning up to a load of dudes in a warehouse stage diving and getting pummelled by Chris Morgado I wonder what he was thinking at this point.

The track works so well, Sean Price’s vocals fit the heavy Hardcore styles of CW very well, the song itself is well written, it’s in keeping with the sound while having a beat able to rap over. Alex’s guitar work and little accents throughout are really nice and add some nice depth to the track, then his vocals on the hook/chorus part before Dan comes in with that classic CW flavour, perfect. What’s not to like? Nothing!

No one else could have pulled this off and this good. Stuff like this doesn’t really happen in Hardcore. Every now and then you get features between other vocalists in bands which is cool, but this was huge! bringing two underground heavy hitters together. I don’t think anything like this will happen again.

I wonder what Sean P thought of it, if he liked it, I hope he did.

Rest In Peace Sean Price.

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