Where are they now?

In modern hardcore there has been lots of bands come and go, lots of good bands come and go. Theres probably shit ones too but thats not what I’m here to talk about. It’s a shame when this happens, I understand people start projects all the time and never end up going back to them, thats the whole idea of a project I guess. Some bands release a couple of things and then just fade away this is probably due to being busy with other bands, it sometimes seems like people will start little side projects when their main band is getting big and plays bigger shows so they can still play smaller shows with other bands. This is a post dedicated to a ten bands that came and went and will probably never come back. Lots of “Democore” bands here.

I know there are so many bands that could be on this list from all eras of hardcore and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I do one of these.

Life of Reilly.

I remember there being quite a bit of hype around these guys on the Bridge 9 message board (RIP) I remember a demo or promo (people do promos now a days) then an EP. I think the chat was on the Lockin” Out page, I can’t remember why, maybe because it has a bit of LOC sound to it, with heavy early hardcore influences, it was a good band and this EP was great. But nothing else happened with the band and that was that.

Iron X Edge.

Two promos and a demo. Promo number one 2014 on edge day, I think I remember seeing them on some edge day show hence the promo. The demo would come in 2015, the another promo in 2016. From Boston Mass, no clue who was in the band. The first promo and the demo are better then the second promo, it’s fast in your face youth crew with a more militant style coming through, Judge but not as NYHC or as heavy. The 2016 promo is heavier and cleaner with the vocals sounding too tough guy, I just don’t think it’s as good. Although there is a more Abused sound coming through which is really cool and they even cover Loud and Clear on the second promo, maybe it’s just the production letting it down abit. I don’t think people was ready for this band at the time.

Whats Good.

A “Super group” out of California with members in  Soul Search, Violent Situation, Minority Unit, New Brigade, Twitching Tongues, Skinfather, Forced Order, Fury, Disgrace, Pocketknife, Enough Said, Creatures, and Precinct all of those apparently, a random mix that pretty much sounds nothing like any of them. This demo I guess came out on Back To Back records (RIP) man that was a great label! It was a four track tape it came out in 2014. They didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously which was good, it was fun and belonged on B2B it almost sounds like “LOC revival” (Coining that phrase) it’s a great demo, the vocals are unusual but I like them, guitar slides, breakdowns and sing alongs, good stuff.


2013 this is closest I’m getting to Lion of Judah (RIP) and in a blink of an eye, it was gone! One demo. It’s members of LOJ and it’s sound is very LOJ I was excited when this came out! It’s faster and less groovy than LOJ but it’s a different band so it has to be different in some way right. I don’t know if any physical copies exist, I think there was a shirt. Sell me Zoom merch!

Stand Point.

In 2017 Tom Pimlott of too many bands to name fame started a Youth Crew band in the vain of Uniform Choice and it was great! They released a demo through React Records and Quality Control and that was it! It’s a sound that not that many people go for which is sad because UC were so different from anything else Youth Crew from that era so it is a shame no one ever really takes that on as main inspiration. SP mixes early Youth of Today into the sound nicely as well. I thought this might have been the start of something but no, I thought it would have been more hyped since React released the demo and a shirt, then the demo sold out on QC, it’s annoying because apart from Insist their isn’t and hasn’t been a really good quality Youth Crew band in the UK in a long time.It’s not a cool enough genre of hardcore so no one cares enough about it. Bring back UK Youth Crew!

The X Force.

Why did it take until 2016 for a straight edge band to be called The X Force?

South Florida, Daniel-Vocals, Ian-Guitar, Jared-Bass, Cris-Drums whoever the fuck those guys are but their in the band. A demo then out, again not sure if physical copies are a thing. I fell like this band would have done better a couple of years later or even in this time of hardcore, 90’s straight edge worship but not too metallic, Undertow sounds. It’s a great demo, shame. The logo is really cool too.

Snail’s Pace.

WB/ Boston band released this demo on Lockin’ Out what a demo it was! Not sure who was in, because of the geography of the band there was probably a few familiar faces in it, backing vocals on a couple of tracks sound like Alex Russin and the fact Ned features on a track it would make sense for Alex to feature in the line up. Great band, had a demo on LOC why did this not go further? It has some old school NYHC sounds with some classic LOC vibes it’s great.

Not Afraid.

Remember True Colors? one of the best modern youth crew band from Antwerp well after they packed that in around 2010/ 2011ish I think, well they decided a couple of years later to start a new and Not Afraid was that band, it basically sounds like if all the members of TC got together to start a band that sounds primarily like Judge. Nothing not to like there! they released a promo and an LP it was among the last things Powered Records (RIP) along with a release on React also. Put out before Powered died along with NA, both are truly missed!. . . .Man I miss Justice.

Torn Away.

2018 demo 90’s melodic style hardcore, later Turning Point, some Stretch Arm Strong vibes as well with lots of emotional lyrics. I think one of the members moved away which is one of the reasons this never carried on, but this was it as far as I cam remember no shows, no nothing. I remember playing this a lot when it came out, it was quite different than anything in the UK at the time and I think they managed to recreate the style of hardcore they was doing well.

Up In Blue.

Coming out of Florida in 2018 these boys Chooch, Dave, Innie, Matias (whoever the fuck they are) released a demo through IOU Records. Good stuff, again I thought these would have done better or stayed around they had that modern hardcore sound going for them, but no, nothing more.

If anyone has any interesting information on any of these bands, feel free to drop me a line I’m always interested.

2 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. Bourboli

    Yo, I did vocals for iron edge. Your assessment is pretty spot on. We stopped playing because no one cared. Then we swapped instruments around and started no exceptions. Put out a demo, played a handful of shows and that was it. No one cared lol. Kids don’t wanna see guys around 40 playing that type of stuff I guess. Can’t say I blame them. Hardcore is for the youth. But I love it as much at 40 as I did at 14 or when I played in crunch time or right brigade or any of the other lesser known bands I was in. so I’ll prob start another band just because I love it. Thanks for the mention. xxx


    1. Sorry dude only just seen this!
      Thanks my man! that sucks! came across a video of you guys playing and doing a Abused cover and it ruled! (after seeing it, I could have seen you guys going doing more that route which would have been awesome!) I remember coming across No Exceptions (they was going to feature in another list haha) I dug it! It’s a shame, that first IXE promo is so good I don’t get how people didn’t care. Out of curiosity what did you do in Crunch Time and Right Brigade?


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