Where are they now? Pt. two.

The anticipated follow up to the earlier post “Where are they now”

United Youth.

First on the this list is a band that really helped form that “modern” hardcore sound (well at the time) it was a great mix of LOC style with youth crew sounds with some NYHC flavours similar to some of what Free Spirit did earlier. After this spawned a load of bands trying to replicate this sort of sound.

The EP Something 2 Prove came out on Back To Back and Lockin’ Out records, it was quite hyped and was at the beginning of the “merch age” of hardcore when everyone all of a sudden needed every shirt by every band which made it hard for the dudes in hardcore that wont be flippin’ those shirts in a years time when they get bored of hardcore to get. Another victim of this was when Stick Together released a 5 panel cap and it became more expensive than a Supreme box logo cap (sell me your Stick Together cap, I miss that band).

Anyway after the release of S2P they just seemed to fizzle away, don’t know what happened, didn’t the vocalist start Westpoint? what happened to them?

Burst of Rage.

Cool name. As far as I am aware they released a a demo on Moshers Delight (RIP) and that was it. Don’t know who was in this band. Total NYHC worship through out the demo Rest In Pieces vibes with nice hints of Straight Ahead with the bass and drum work.

Stand Off.

This band released a demo on Youngblood records two tapes one on Moshers Delight (a live tape) and then a DIY EP all in the space of 2 years and then dropped of the face of the earth. From what I gather it was a bunch of young kids. People always said just how good this band was, man was they right! A mix of early youthcrew like Up Front with fast punk and punchy riffs from bands like Youth Brigade and then mix in some classic NYHC vibes and thats Stand Off, nothing not to like.

xFirm Standing Lawx.

What a band!

Dan from Cold World lives in the UK so decided to start a band with a handful of dudes from the scene, why not? They released a demo and EP through now deceased Carry The Weight Records (RIP) and then called it a day. I think it was mainly because the guitarist and co owner of CTW moved to Egypt to study. It was a shame cause this band ruled! bringing NYHC Straight Edge in you face! taking notes from XChoursX and Judge. It makes you want to X up and rampage against all those that aren’t straight edge.


This band featured Ned from Disengage (and others) and Chandler from Illusion (and others) New York based one demo and that was it. Some NYHC influences and then some more punk influences in the likes of Reality Control. Pretty cool little band a shame nothing more came of them suppose Ned would have been getting busy with Title Fight tours.


There was a bit of a 90’s straight edge revival in the UK in 2013/14 when xrepentancex smashed their way onto the scene, everyone went crazy for them and so other bands formed out of the wood work too. Guidance was one of those bands, I think it had members of IronXCurtain (not a 90’s metalcore straight edge band) in it. They released two Ep’s then done, it is just 90’s worship, polished metallic, heavy and in your face with melodic parts, it is what it is. It’s not my favourite style of hardcore but, I do like it and Guidance did it well but never really did anything or was known.

No eXceptions.

So I found out that this band came after the demise of Iron X Edge but again went no where. Boston band, these completely went under the radar for me at the time. Pretty good band, fairly weird with styles and influences, theres a nice mix of modern sounding hardcore with some early 2000’s but it has some more melodic parts, then theres some faster and puncher parts that have a Ceremony feel to me, its good. Just one demo, I know the vocalist of IXE played drums don’t know anyone else in the band?


Swedish hardcore. Had this demo bookmarked on my computer since it came out because I knew I would be coming back to it. NYHC punks living in Sweden. The first track sounds like a b-side from Dmize. Not much more I can say on this, it was great! shame there was no more.

Big Boss.

One-person hardcore band from Tyumen, Russia. Currently located in Berlin, Germany. This is cool and it’s great! The demo from 2015 has a very DIY sounding to it, very rough and for me a little hard to listen too in places. Theres an Outburst cover which is cool “Controlled” which is off the NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are which is very cool cause it’s not a song you’ll see covered often or ever. The EP comes out 2 years later, it’s credited with another person on some of the music on this and theres a photo with a full band so I guess they became a band? Better production and a more rounded off sound, mixed by the great Chris Corry of every Boston band ever. The drums have that DFJ sound that everyone has/wants (but why not it’s a great sound) this EP rips, hard hitting NYHC worship with fast almost powerviolence vibes mixed in.

Open Your Eyes.

It was 2017 when this demo was released, this was made up of a whose who of straight edge powerhouses! Crucial John on vox, CC and Ian Edge on guitars, Doug Free on bass and Connor X on drums this was a super group! so why did they only release a demo? Probably because it was a super group made up of some of the busiest dudes in that area too. Hardcore needed and needs more straight edge bands! It’s youth crew, it’s in your face, it’s raw and it’s modern with old school influences, it’s just great hardcore! If any of the band are reading this (probably not) make more music! Johns vocals are great! you get some Give sounds coming through but its a lot more hardcore then Give for obvious reasons. Bonus points for having an “Intro” song and extra bonus points for having Ken Fontaine do the artwork for this, there is nothing bad about this demo at all!

If anyone has any interesting information on any of these bands, feel free to drop me a line I’m always interested.