Deal With It.

Deal With It where one of the UK’s greatest! If you have never herd of them, get listening! Hard as fuck crossover! grooves, solo’s and breakdowns. Solid hardcore! They make some crossover bands today sound like nu metal bands. This interview was originally printed in an Unnamed Zine just before the release of the “End Time Prophecies” LP in 2008.

Cold Snap.

Cold Snap where a UK hardcore band from 2007 – 2010.

I would put them down as one of the UK’s best. They sound like if Get Real played Think I Care songs (sounds weird but it works) with some influences coming from early metallic Boston. What’s not to like, NOTHING! If you haven’t listened to them, get it done! They had a Demo, a 10″ titled “Glacies Incarnate” in which they recorded “Why Must They” by Wrecking Crew, a split with Cornered from the Netherlands then a final EP Titled “Bad Mood Rising”

The Song “Cold Snap” from their Demo
Title track from the 10″
Title track from the 7″

This interview was originally printed in Buried Alive Issue 1 in 2008. A zine from some locals in my area.